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Oli and Joe's Collections

Pictures of our jp collections

Joe's Collection 1

Here we have Joe's customised Alan Grant(we really don't like the size of the jp3 figures!!!), Joe's Raptors, His first ever dino(jp1 Pteranodon) and Billy!!!

Joe's Collection 2

Joe's spinosaurs, his jp1 celeophysis, pachycephalosaurus, and little eric Kirby(Oli accidently broke Eric's Pteranodon....)

Joe's Collection 3

Joe's Pteranodon from jp2, standing on his Chaos Effect Capture Copter

Oli's Collection 1

All of Oli's medium/small dinos

Oli's Collection 2

All of Oli's big dinos


Oli's Collection 3

Oli's people and vehicles, there will be better pictures when i get more display space!!!

© Oli Glockler Joe Barnett 2005